During the last tour with the band in 2017 we started to play one of my new songs called 'The Explorer'. It was written about Mental Health conditions and the homeless. We were playing a lot of Musicians Against Homelessness stages at festivals and theatre shows. When the band has taken a break I had a meeting with Max Mclean (drummer from the band and producer maestro) who wanted to produce a track for me. I mentioned 'The Explorer' and a plan was set in place to record and release it as an EP to raise awareness and funds for Crisis on behalf of Musicians Against Homelessness. We recorded it and a few other songs with Jamie Gilbert on bass in the back room of The Three Cocks Inn, Kettering. Also on the EP would be the acoustic version I'd recorded with added violin from Veronika Rauchfussova as part of my new 'For Sarah' album project, an Electronica remix by Rob G. Nichols and a couple of other acoustic tracks - one with violin, one solo. 

When it was released it had more plays on Spotify in one month than I'd ever had for all my songs combined,  It went into their singer songwriter charts at number 7, thanks I'm sure to Spotify adding it to their New Release Radar. It's gone on to be nominated for 'Best Single of 2019' & 'Best song of 2019' by New Boots and Shoetown Sounds. 


Track Listing 

The Explorer - feat Veronika Rauchfussova

She's The One That Saved Me - Solo Live

And Around Again - feat Veronika Rauchfussova

The Explorer - Miyagi Car Wash mix by Max Mclean

The Explorer - Rob G Nichols Electronica remix






Available on CD for £10 + £2 postage UK 


Available To Download from Bandcamp for £10+