In 2008 - 2009 I was in a band called 'The Ghost Chorus'. We were a four piece Alt County Rock band with Rob Reeves on lead guitar, Cliff Lambert on bass and Scott Warner on drums. During this time I co-wrote a few songs with Rob and we recorded some demos. We played a few shows and had plans for a small local tour. 

As is the way the band split and I was left with a bunch of self written songs, some gigs and radio interviews I'd organised. I made a decision, go it alone. Put my name out the front and take responsibility for showing up at the gigs and honouring what I'd arranged. During this time I moved back to my hometown of Rushden and began  networking with some local guys there. I was approached by a chap called John Hynes who ran a small recording studio around 100 yards from my front door. After a series of meetings we decided to record an album together. I would supply the songs at the start but would also work with some of the chord arrangements John had and help turn them into songs. We had a very busy time of it and during 2009-2010 and we recorded 9 songs. Based on 7 of these songs I decided to release my first solo album in early 2011. Limited to a very small run (50) I sold all the copies within a week.  I have since unearthed a couple of copies which have now gone to my keenest followers. 


Track Listing


Tattoos Over Scars


Children On The Hill




Not How It Seems (Dusk Room Remix)


I have no plans to make these early songs available again. But never say never.