During the early part of 2014, I started my plan for releasing the album I had been working on. (The Fall of Eden). It was clear that I would need to raise some funds prior to release to pay for the album's manufacture and promotion. I decided to let a few of the tracks out early on a limited issue CD EP along with two of my more popular songs* from 'The Brewer and the Dealer'. 

The tracks had  already been recorded with Fran Taylor, J M Jones, Alan Tang, Nye Parsons, Amber India Frost, Stevie Poole, Khalil Amin and Ciara Clutterham Reihill, so I put them together and released the EP. It sold out within a week. 


Track Listing

Slow Burn

Carol Ann

Head Over Heels*

Tiger's aren't tame*

Take Me Home


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